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ADSL? SDSL? ISDN? Leased Line? Modem ?

Sound confusing? Let us help you make the right choice to suit YOUR precise requirements


Installation and Configuration

We will take care of the on-site installation of your chosen solution, as well as the connection of your network , workstations and software to the internet


Tele-working and Virtual Private Networks

Need to access your work from abroad?

MR Systems will provide a secure remote access to your network from anywhere in the world from either a Mac or a PC.


Sending and receiving e-mails

As many addresses as you need!

We will set up as many individual email addresses as you need @ your chosen

for example:


Domain Registration and Hosting

Ever wondered what this exactly means? Read on…

  • Select and keep the best domain name available to your business
  • Our servers are connected to the Internet backbone at a blistering 200 Mbps.
  • We can provide you and help you choose where necessary:
    Windows NT or Unix for your web hosting
  • A high performance SQL database server
  • Secure data transmission with our SSL accelerator
  • Management of your E-Mail server
  • Connect your web server to the Internet directly at a blistering 100 Mbps.
  • Allow room for expansion as your web-site will grow…!
  • Maintain your web-site remotely to keep it relevant and interesting
  • Content management and Web site management. - this makes no sense
  • Automatic online updates for your customersIn short we will do what you want



Internet security is paramount to the prosperity of your business

We will prevent unauthorised access!

MR Systems have the experience to provide you with the appropriate Firewall and the correct procedures to defend the integrity of your network from viruses and unwanted visitors. We will keep your business safe.

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