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Internet Case Study

Our customer is an architectural practice. They wanted to improve their system as they were expanding. They required a faster connection, remote access to their network, personalised email addresses and most importantly a secure system.


Our customer's system consisted of 10 computers working off an old (standard Ethernet) network hub. They had one computer connected to the Internet for web browsing and accessing their e-mails with no central backup.

We were called in to audit of their system and establish how it could be improved.


Our customer kept the same computers but added a new fast Ethernet Hub.

We installed a central ADSL connection and a network e-mail program.

This included remote access to the system and a firewall to protect the company from unauthorised access.

We supplied an un-interruptible power supply and a central backup system with the appropriate safeguards.

Immediate benefits

Research for new projects improved immediately as several people had simultaneous access to the internet.
Each employee has their own email address, which they could access from their computer.
Chosen employees could access the network from anywhere in the world…
Central backup of key data gave instant reassurance in the event of crashes.
Printing was quicker than ever.

Easily summed up - The system is simply more reliable, accessible and secure

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