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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line    
What does ADSL stand for  ?

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

What does ADSL do ? ADSL do  ?

ADSL allows you to use a normal telephone line to access the internet much faster than a normal modem (10 to 40 times the speed)

How does it work  ?

The service is made available by British Telecom by splitting the signal on your telephone line in two. High speed data connection uses a frequency range not used by voice communication.

What are the benefits of installing ADSL  ?
  • Un-metered internet access.
  • Permanent connection to the internet which then becomes a seamless extension of your network.
  • Costs known in advance.
  • Faster research and browsing.
  • Real time e-mail.
  • Sending and receiving large e-mail attachments at high speed.
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses if you have your own domain.
  • One static IP address.
  • What are the choices  ?
  • Four packages offer varying access speeds to suit your specific requirements.
Will your telephone be affected  ?

Your telephone number will not change and your voice and fax lines will not give an engaged tone by using ADSL.

What does contention mean ?

Your connection to the local exchange is shared by other users. Contention as a ratio (50:1 means that 50 people will be sharing your allocated bandwidth)


What will I need to connect my PC to the ADSL service ?

  • A PC with the following minimum specifications is recommended:
  • Pentium II or above
  • 64Mb RAM
  • 16 bit sound card
  • 4 speed CD ROM player
  • Video card/display capable of 800x600, 256 colours, SVGA monitor
  • 150Mb free on the hard drive
  • Windows 95B,98,98SE,ME,XP,NT4 Workstation SP3 or 2000 Professional
  • One dedicated wall mains socket for the ADSL Modem/Router
  • An available 10baseT compatible Ethernet interface with an RJ45 connector.
What will I need to connect my Mac to the ADSL service ?
  • PowerPC 601 or equivalent (200 MHz or faster)
  • Mac OS 8.6 or OS 9.X
  • 150 MB free space on hard drive
  • 1 free USB port
  • 64MB System Memory
  • Video driver and display capable of 800 x 600,256 colours or higher
  • 2 speed CD ROM player
Who installs the ADSL equipment ?

A British Telecom engineer installs the line and the router. M•R Systems configures your computer network to make the system function smoothly.

Is there a minimum contract period ?

The minimum contract period is one year.

Will your system pass the whoosh test ?

ADSL is available in most metropolitan areas but all installations are subject to BT's`whoosh' test both before and after installation to ensure the availability and quality of the service. ADSL works better if you are located within 3.5 Kms of your telephone exchange.

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