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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Please feel free to contact our sales team for further information or submit
your details below and a member of our sales team will contact you.

Tel: 020 7697 2200         Fax: 020 700 0041

Line Details

What is the telephone number of the line you wish to convert to ADSL:   STD Code: *   Number: *

In whose name is the telephone number held: *

Address of Telephone number?

Company Name (if applicable):


Town:    County:   Postcode:

Contact Telephone no:   Email Address: *

* Required details (the form cannot be processed without this information)

ADSL Service Required
  • Option 1. Professional 500k/250k (ethernet connection)
  • Option 2. Professional 1000k/250k (ethernet connection)
  • Option 3. Professional 2000k/250k (ethernet connection)

Additional Services:

Technical Information

What equipment will you connect to your ADSL line?

Main computer (make, model, specification):

Operating System:

How many Computers will be using this connection:

Do you have a Firewall for this connection:

Do you require an engineer to assist with installation: (£150.00 Central London)

Would you like us to contact you regarding any technical issues - e.g. Firewall, router supply or configuration:

Company Information

Number of employees:



On receipt of your e-mail, we will check that your exchange is enabled for ADSL and then contact you to discuss your requirements.

Please note:

    1. The ADSL installation is made onto the main BT line box (not an extension box).
    2. There must be a double power socket available (or 2 plug extension lead) within 6 feet of the main BT line box.
    3. Fax machines and modems on the analogue line used as an ADSL carrier may be adversely affected.
    4. BT advise that they are not able to guarantee that the ADSL installation will be successful. The insallation may fail due to local conditions which do not become apparent until the installation is attempted. The connection charge on failed installations will be refunded in full.

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